Anticipating Multiple Myeloma

Anticipating Multiple Myeloma

For most of you who do not know what it is multiple myeloma, it is one type of cancer that

For most of you who do not know what it is multiple myeloma, it is one type of cancer that also makes a lot of people concerned with this disease. We are very sure that no one wants this disease. Myeloma itself is a cancer that began in plasma cells (types of white blood cells). This is a very common type of cancer in plasma cells. This cancer is a clone of abnormal plasma cell that proliferates. Until finally this process leads to the appearance of a tumor in the spinal cord.

Who can suffer of multiple myeloma?

For those of you who are over 40 years old, then you should be more vigilant in this disease. This disease is stated that it can strike men and women in age. Usually, these plasma cell tumors are found in the pelvic bones, ribs, skull, and spine. The abnormal plasma cells produce antibodies that is less than perfect. That is why people with this disease are more susceptible to infection. In addition, an abnormal antibody fragments usually accumulated in the kidneys. This can cause damage to the organs of the body and cause kidney failure. These antibody fragments usually called Bence-Jones protein.

Myeloma itself grows same with other cancer cells. This disease arises when a plasma cell grows to become abnormal cell. The abnormal cells finally divide and make copies of the cell itself. The cells that divide repeatedly will create abnormal cells in large numbers. The abnormal cells are finally called myeloma. On the right time, the cells will gather in the bone marrow. It would be very dangerous because it can damage the solid part of the bone. While those abnormal cells can also grow in other part of the body, and that is why it is called multiple myeloma.

This disease certainly cannot be taken lightly. Like other cancers, myeloma will also continue to grow and could attack the other limb. Even based on the results of the research, the disease can harm the tissues and organs of the body if not treated immediately. The development of cancer is relatively fast spreading. With provided therapy and appropriate treatment method, it would be helpful for patients to solve this problem. 

What are the Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma will affect some organs, although in some cases it can appear with no symptoms. Some organs that can be affected by this disease are: bone and kidney. Another common symptoms is anemia, this can be explained because myeloma cells replace the red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen inside blood.

Who are potentially affected by this disease?

Although the main cause of multiple myeloma is not exactly known. As one type of cancer, myeloma potentially infect humans who have several factors including; genetic factors, age factors over 50 years. To date other factors that also lead to the emergence of this disease is still under study.

In fact, anyone can potentially suffer from the disease of multiple myeloma. Although, the disease can occur in those who are younger, it has a very small probability. That is why everyone should be vigilant to implement a healthy lifestyle. In addition, to enrich their knowledge through a variety of media. The more knowledge of the disease, the earlier we can anticipate ourselves from variety of diseases, including multiple myeloma. 

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