halo doc, can u help me? in this time, i feel so stupid. i think i dont deserve to life anymore. rather i die? i cant hold this problem again. so tired, i cant sleep, enjoying my time, learn, or do anything to makes me happy. there a one girl called prita. this girl so hated me. she loved if im fallin down. she loved to make me cry all over day. this shit happens cause my ex is her boyfriend. and i think the one thing who makes this girl so angry to me cause my ex still keep my photos w/ him. and ya i cant said anything again. i cant think. what should i do ?


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  • Hello,

    I can understand how bad your feeling right now is.

    If everything's feel so heavy to bear it by yourself, you need someone to share it. You need someone you trust the most to confide all your problems.

    However, I assume you had a depression so I also recommend you to meet a psychiatrist to get some medications or therapies.

    Thanks for using Meetdoctor.


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